(General) Comments - Characteristics of the works

Details regarding his works and the materials that make them particular are mentioned in general.

Pastel paintings
They are always on paper. If not indicated, it must be always understood that it is white paper of about 180g/m2, this weight not being exclusive. In all cases the paper is glued on a rigid support (hard board) and protected with simple common glass.

Oil paintings
No painting is done on cloth but on a rigid support (hard board) which ensures strength. Where the size allows it, they are covered by glass, like the pastels, which grants stability by keeping them away from dust and varnishes that may have a negative effect on the surface should its quality not be comparable to that of the colors used.

They were done on white paper with nib and India ink. The total measures of the drawing are indicated first and the measures of the passe-partout window in the second place.

Other notes

Cesáreo Bernaldo de Quirós
When considering the images of certain works the Argentine painter Cesáreo Bernaldo de Quirós (1879-1968) is referred to by mentioning his last name. This painter's importance regarding Nux's work results from his being a friend and advisor of Nux. When living in Paraná, Quirós built his house in Entre Ríos in the area of El Brete. The architectonic details of this house were the subject of some of Nux's works. After Quirós' passing away some of these works were exhibited in his honor at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Paraná. At the same time, Quirós' absence left his house abandoned to its fate and it was destroyed by time and lack of preservation.

About "El Brete"
For that same reason El Brete -a large suburban area about 10 km East from the Paraná urban area- is referred to. This is an area visited and preferred by some artists who built their houses there (the watercolors painter Lancillota, Quirós and others). Nux currently keeps there a place for his works. The northern side of this area is located next to the river with which it shares the particular characteristics of its flora, its fauna, its environment and its quietness. The area is rich in birds and its proximity to the cliffs by the riverside puts a smooth stress on its rich topography, which undoubtedly benefits its beauty.


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